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Research approach

This Fellowship places aspirations in the centre of a new model for skills development outside formal education. The research investigates how young people develop vocational interests and aspirations and how these interweave with information and communication practices carried out online and offline, in youth clubs, sports, community and cultural spaces.

The project is carried out across three research strands:

1. Broad research

1) provides an interdisciplinary conceptual framework on culture, communication, aspirations and professional choice; and

2) maps the current achievements of the UK cultural sector in building skills and informing young people’s occupational choices.

2. Community research is conducted in Coventry, aiming to:

1) understand how young people access networks, resources and spaces for pursuing vocational interests and aspirations; and

2) map the local provision of out of school engagements and activities for responding to young people’s skills development interests and needs.

3. Museum research focuses on the V&A’s Young People Programme to examine the actual and potential role of the museum in building skills and informing young people’s attitudes and choices for creative industries careers.

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