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Outcomes from museum research

The first outcomes from the museum research strand are available and linked below:

Working Paper 1. The Art of (Re) Engaging the Young Learner. Insights from Informal Learning Workshops Run by the V&A Museum

This first working paper of the AHRC ECR Leadership Fellowship/UKRI Innovation Fellowship Connect2Aspire: Cultural Engagements and Young People’s Professional Aspirations focuses on the role of museum learning for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, not in education, employment and training, or who may otherwise have had disappointing experiences with formal education. It looks at how museums may kindle or rekindle a double connection: with museums as places of inspiration, knowledge exchange and skill building; and with education as a process that includes but goes beyond learning in schools.

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Working Paper 3. Museums and Young People’s Creative Career Choices. Young People Profiles and Information Needs

This working paper examines the information and support needs experienced by young people who are choosing creative career pathways, and the role that museums may potentially play in filling these needs. Based on a 3-year study on the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Young People’s Programme, the paper provides information about the process of career choice, influencers and needs. On this basis, it offers an in-depth and structured look at young people’s career choice and support needs, by identifying five profiles or personas representing young people with similar or close characteristics regarding decision-making and the career progression stage in which they find themselves. The five personas – The Selector, The Multifaceted Creative, The Decided, The Switcher and The Explorer – can be used for designing or testing the relevance of future informative and guidance programmes for young people interested in creative careers.

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Young People Interested in Creative Careers: Mapping Career Information and Support Needs

This paper proposes a segmentation of young people interested in creative careers, developed in collaboration with the V&A Museum’s Young People Team and the V&A Youth Collective. Read more

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